Individual Program Plans (IPP)

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In addition to our interest-based learning, Forest Grove also develops Individual Program Plans (I.P.P.) for each student at our school. The purpose for the Individual Program Plan is to set additional goals, based on the child's interests, personality, strengths and needs. The initial meeting, between director, teacher, and the parents, takes place at the beginning of the school year, to focus on the image of each individual. This goal will be implemented in a one-on-one manner, using the same hands-on techniques; however, it will be documented through work samples, transcripts of conservation and photographs, to allow parents to see their child's progress until the goal is achieved.

It allows teachers and parents to track and alter the learning program to best accommodate the student. In this way, both the environment and the curriculum can be custom tailored to facilitate each child's journey towards their goal.

The Individual Program Plan is accompanied by three parent-teacher interviews throughout the year. More frequent updates are available upon request, and parents are always welcomed in our classrooms as observers and volunteers.

As students leave Forest Grove Preschool Academy, we are positive that we have surpassed the expectations that will be placed upon the children upon entry into the public school system, by offering a dynamic and hands-on program, as their foundation for learning.

Each child receives his/her Individual Program Plan at the end of the academic year, as a means for parents to observe their child's progress over the course of the academic year.


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