EARTH DAY We’ll be looking at the meaning behind Earth Day and how and in what ways we can keep our environment clean and healthy. We’ll be planting that day with each child to take home a small pot they’ve designed and decorated using recycled planter pots. We will look into carbon foot prints and understand the effects of it and will create a poster with the kids on what they have learned by the end of the day.


EAT WELL, BE WELL A day to learn, create and eat your own healthy meal made by yourself. An opportunity for children to learn to prepare their own healthy lunch in small groups and eat it with their friends. They will have healthy food choices to make their meal from. For the younger ones, there will also be different activities on creating portraits on paper plates using their favourite fruits and veggies and then eat them and the older children will learn about nutritional values of good food choices and bad choices.


BUILD SOMETHING Build something day means hours and hours of fun using Lego, cardboard box forts, block towers, bridges from tubing. Children have a chance to use their imagination and discover different ways to use and enjoy recycled materials and with the help of friends can create something beyond belief.


DRAMA DAY Kids will be creating and staring in their own Tableau style scenes using their bodies to pose and create a story visually without movement or sound. They will be creating everything from the story to the props and costumes.


FUNDAY FRIDAY Funday Friday will be just that. Movies, PJ’s and fun food and lots of great activities. There will be Henna art, face painting and hairstyles for the kids to participate in. It will be a great way to tie up the week with an exciting fun filled day with friends.

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