"Promotes children to make choices about what they wish to learn.
Reviews children's strengths, and meets with parents regularly.
Excellent learning environment, that is both soothing and child-focused.
Supported socialization opportunities with other children.
Computer introduction, that teaches to all levels and interests
Happy children at the end of each day.
Original art projects, that use many diverse mediums.
Open-minded owners/operators welcome constructive feedback.
Loving, caring, FABULOUS staff.

These are a few of my thoughts about what your school means to me and my family. Please note that I stand by any one or all themes I have outlined above." Mimi Hanson          

"Going to school and being on his own was a huge step for our son, but being surrounded by nurturing teachers, with fun and creative ways of learning, turned our son's apprehension into excitement. Forest Grove is a dynamic learning environment, full of colour and energy. Children express their creativity through fun and carefully designed programs in art, drama, music, reading and writing. Every day at Forest Grove is an exploration of life sciences and life's daily challenges. A parent's involvement in a child's education is paramount and Forest Grove recognizes this by having a great line of communication with the parents. We are able to participate in our son's development, because Forest Grove communicates with us about his accomplishments and challenges on a weekly basis. We are thrilled about our son's excitement for learning. Our son will excitedly recite the alphabet, count to one hundred, or tells us about how he painted a fresco like Michelangelo. A child's mind is like a sponge, so choosing the right learning environment is difficult, and sometimes overwhelming. For us, the decision to have our son, and in the future our daughter, go to Forest Grove was so natural. Dedication, innovation, and knowing children's minds are without limits, makes for great teachers, and Forest Grove has great teachers." N. and J. Ng          

"When I drop my daughter at Forest Grove Preschool Academy each morning, I recapture, just for a few moments, the sense of wonder I felt as a child. It is a unique place, which creates an environment worthy of each child's sense of wonder and spirit of discovery. All the elements of a child's world- the fascination of nature, the fun of art, play music and dance; the need for quiet contemplation and the presence of nurturing adults, comes together in one place." Frances Meredith          

"Dear Alicja,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and the amazing and talented Forest Grove staff, for your ongoing dedication, and making the preschool a safe and happy place for children to learn and grow. I have had the pleasure of watching my two sons grow and flourish over the past four years, and I'm certain that Forest Grove has had a huge role to play in their development.

Your staff has been so dedicated to meeting my children's needs, on an educational, social and emotional level, and have helped them achieve a confidence and willingness to try the unknown that they did not have before attending school. I have watched my children learn so many new things, and the greatest reward is the spark in their eyes when they tell me about recent science experiments, books they have read, or games they have played at school, and the innumerable skills they have learned as a result. The Forest Grove environment was perfectly suited to my boys' learning styles, and this is a direct result of the teachers' abilities to create alternative paths to learning, and being able to think outside the box. And, I cannot forget to thank you personally for your ongoing commitment to making Forest Grove the best place for young children to thrive. Your ongoing solicitation to parental feedback and motivation to make Forest Grove better and better every year, demonstrates your unwavering commitment to the welfare of all the children at Forest Grove.

My oldest son still remembers and talks about his first teacher, Miss Jennifer, and my youngest son is upset when holidays come along, because he is not able to go to school on those days. They have the basis for a life-long love of learning, fostered in a great part by your amazing team of teachers. No parent can ask for more than to have a child who loves to learn, and feels safe and secure in their school environment." Stephanie Babbitt          

"I wanted to write to you to thank you and your academy for giving my children the most sound, complete, and loving start to their educational careers. Both Taylor and Katherine have had the fortune of a perfect first impression about school which will carry them throughout their scholastic, professional and personal lives.

Both children have grown so much since they've started here. I cannot believe how much Taylor has grown since he started the preschool program in 2007. Now he is finishing SK, and I'm thrilled that he is such a happy and well-adjusted child. Katherine has now finished her preschool year. Even in one year Katherine has learned a great deal, and has become very confident, independently and in groups, on a social basis. Being the younger, that has been a concern, but I am now comfortable with her carrying on to JK and beyond.

On a personal note, I myself have been on my own journey over the past three years. I have healed, grown, and have moved on with my life. Let me please say that never once during my time here, have any of your staff made me feel like a single mother. I'm always welcomed with warmth and professionalism. Likewise, my children are treated exactly as other children. Compassion and sincerity greet us at every exchange with you and the Forest Grove teachers.

Forest Grove will always hold a special place in our hearts. The memories, work children have brought home, and various pictures taken, will always remind us of a very precious time in our lives.

We will always continue to boast about the merits of Forest Grove to whoever asks." Juliana Billings          

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Forest Grove. My husband and I were not sure what to expect when we sent our children there, but we found it to be a very rewarding experience for them. They had so much fun learning and had the opportunity to meet their first friends.The teachers did a fantastic job of creating a stimulating and nurturing learning environment for our twins. Forest Grove is a blessing in the true sense of the word: it gave our kids an excellent preparation for kindergarten. We would highly recommend the school to others." Anita Mori          

Our Programs are based on:

Reggio Emilia Approach

(Emergent Curriculum)

At Forest Grove, our Reggio Emilia-inspired program is founded on the recognition and respect of each and every child as a unique and capable individual.

Through an interest-based and child-directed curriculum, we encourage their inquisitive nature and curiosity.

As educators, we learn along with them, supporting and facilitating their exploration academically, creatively and socially.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of this philosophy.

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