Forest Grove Early Learning School

Children Attending Junior and Senior Kindergarten

A superior alternative to the over-crowded classrooms and limited resources offered in the public school system, Forest Grove is devoted to providing superior education when it matters most.

With program options that best suit your family’s needs Forest Grove delivers its custom built curriculum for your child’s appropriate developmental stage and learning style.

Rather than spend an entire day (and school year!) in a single room, Forest Grove offers our students three spacious rooms equip with the resources to focus on art, science or drama. Children have a rotary schedule that allows them to enjoy all three spaces during the week and keeps our school days new and exciting

Therefore, by attending year three and four of Forest Grove’s exceptional four year program, your child will be far more prepared for entry into the school system at the grade 1 level.

What Sets Us Apart?



content bulletLow Staff-Student Ratio of 1:10

content bulletClasses with Staff-Student Ratio at 1:20 or more

content bulletA continuum of nurturing support and education, based on Project-Based Emergent Curriculum-the Reggio Emilia Approach- supporting children's learning through their interests and strengths

content bulletFollows the Ontario Ministry of Education's guidelines on curriculum, with little to no room for flexibility

content bulletCaring, nurturing environment, where educators are accountable to parents, Ministry of Education, College of ECE, Region of Halton and Town of Oakville

content bulletTeachers are accountable ONLY to the Ontario Ministry of Education

content bulletConstant interactions between students, staff and parents

content bulletBi-annual or otherwise limited opportunity for interaction between staff and parents

content bulletEmphasis on child's development

content bulletEmphasis on lesson planning

content bulletIndividual Learning Programs teaching a variety of subjects, including Phonics, Math, Science, Linguistics, Social Skills, etc. to enhance children's learning

content bulletGroup-focused learning plans that do not take into account children's strengths and weaknesses

content bulletA culture of inquiry and research

content bulletFocused on 'play-learning'

content bulletA portfolio for each individual student, with pictures and details of progress

content bulletComputerized progress report, showing little to no photo evidence of progress

content bulletConstant communication between educators and parents

content bulletCommunication is limited to school visits and private meetings, which are required to book in advance

content bulletDocumentation reflecting learning, offered to parents whenever they request to see them

content bulletParent-teacher interviews, which take place during limited points during the year. Teachers look at students as a group, rather than on an individual level in this regard

content bulletIn-house resource consultant and Halton Region's Developmental Resources offered to all families

content bulletParents must seek resources themselves

content bulletDifferent programs offered throughout the day (JK/SK students stay for a Maximum of 6 hours)

content bulletA single program offered all day

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